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Post by cnmassie » Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:13 pm

Medical Community Members,
On Friday, November 9th, at the Montessori Conference in Dallas, TX, three innovative Montessori schools will present how they partnered with the medical community to provide integrated services to meet the needs of their students with a poverty/trauma background: Cornerstone Montessori (Minnesota), Lumin Education (Texas) and Montessori for All (Texas).

Here is a description of the program:

"Integrated Services: Utilizing Counselors, Trauma-Informed Practices, & Learning Specialists Presentations by Liesl Taylor, Cornerstone Montessori; Stan Ferguson, Lumin Education; and Sara Cotner, Montessori for All. Each child reveals his or her own personality, developmental needs, and unique characteristics differently and in their own time frame. The school becomes a resource for all who enter and work within the community. The task to recognize individual needs, to coordinate with outside specialists, and to take care of ourselves and our Montessori staff as we serve all children becomes a necessity for school communities. The speakers will relate their stories and experiences guiding the integration of these resources into the fabric of the school community."

Montessori education, due to its medical roots, is designed in such a way that each child's medical and educational needs can be addressed through a collaborative relationship between Montessorians and Medical Providers. A medically-enhanced Montessori program is the best hope for including more children. Do you want to know more? Attend the Montessori Conference in Dallas, or let's start a conversation here in the MMPI Forum.

--Catherine Massie, MMPI

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