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Montessori Medical Partnership for Inclusion

Outreach & Support for an Inclusive World

Our Mission

Helping Montessori schools and programs around the world increase their capacity for successful and developmental inclusion.

Scientific & Medical Pedagogy 

Montessori education that is developmental, diagnostic and therapeutic

“The school constitutes an immense field for research; it is a “pedagogical clinic,” which, in view of its importance, can be compared to no other gathering of subjects for study.  Thanks to the system of compulsory education, it gathers to itself every living human being of both sexes and of every social caste, normal and abnormal; and it retains them there, throughout a most important period of growth.  This is the field, therefore, in which the culture of the human race can really and practically be undertaken; and a joint labouor of physician and teacher will sow the seed of a future human hygiene, adapted to achieve perfection in man, both as a species and as a social unit.”

[Dr. Maria Montessori, Pedagogical Anthropology, July 1913]

Montessori and Medicine working together to include all children!

Showcase Debut: 

Mario Montessori's Special Work

It is surprisingly unknown that, like his mother, Mario Montessori was an international advocate for the education of children with disabilities.  His vision and support of experimental implementations of medically-enhanced and inclusive Montessori education were ahead of his time and offer us today a roadmap to a more inclusive world.

Mario Montessori was involved in two of the most important contributions to the development of a Montessori-based Special Education which were developed during the 1960's--one in the United States (District of Columbia Society for Crippled Children, Washington, DC) and one in Germany (Aktion Sonnenschein, Munich).  Through partnership with Dr. Theodor Hellbruegge (Munich) and Dr. William Argy (Washington DC), both distinguished medical doctors and medical researchers, Mario supported the re-connection of his mother's educational legacy with the medical sciences as an aid to development and to inclusion of children with disabilities.  

To honor the significant contribution of these Montessori-medical partnerships, MMPI will open its Inclusion Showcase by documenting these two integrated medical-educational projects to which Mario Montessori devoted himself. 

Check out our first Showcase to see an historic video and read a scientific research study of Montessori education offered to children at the DC Society for Crippled Children, 1962-1964.


The Right of Every Child to be


It is the right of every child be included as fully as possible in all aspects of life including school.  We see the Montessori curriculum as the best path toward that goal because it is uniquely designed to integrate medical and educational approaches to support the inclusion of children with more diverse needs.

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Access to Important

Inclusion Resources

We promote access to programs and resources that help parents, teachers, medical professionals and school leaders learn more about, participate in and implement successful inclusion programs.  Utilizing this leading-edge inclusion framework aids the optimal growth of children and adolescents who are typical, learning different, or differently-abled, all together in nurturing, social, learning communities.

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