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Welcome to Montessori Teachers Forum

Post by patel » Mon Aug 27, 2018 5:16 pm

Teachers, we want your input! The MMPI Montessori Teacher Forum is where you can talk directly to the worldwide Montessori Inclusion Community. MMPI’s purpose is to support your work with children with diverse needs, so we depend on you to let us know what would help youto be most effective. What resources can we provide?

By providing your input, we can advocate for getting you the resources you need, we can advocate for funding sources to support your important work, and we can advocate for the attitudinal and institutional changes that need to be made in order to support optimal development of these at-risk children and more inclusive Montessori education.

Try these conversation starters or just start typing….we are waiting to hear from you!
• I have children in my environment who need more _______________________.
• I need more information about the needs of children who _________________.
• I need help from a specialist in ______________________________.
• I need a more support (I am exhausted!) Help me with ________________.
• Inclusion rocks! Share your success stories (please change names to protect privacy).

Please sign in to our Teachers Forum and introduce yourself—our members would like to meet you, find out where you located, what is your teaching role, and maybe share some ideas you have about Montessori for inclusion and special education.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Re: Welcome to Montessori Teachers Forum

Post by mindfulmama » Wed Aug 14, 2019 3:25 pm

Hello, I am so happy to see this site! I left my classroom after several years to homeschool my son with special needs. I have learned a great deal working with him in my home, and have utilized my Montessori experience as much as possible. I had several children in my classroom over the years that needed accommodations and this is a special area of interest. As I move toward transitioning my son to adulthood and am again looking to Montessori Philosophy to guide me. I wonder if any of you have dealt with these things in your classroom or if there has been any actual programs put into place.

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