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Welcome to the Montessori School and Program Leaders Forum

Post by patel » Mon Aug 27, 2018 5:21 pm

Montessori School Administrators, Directors, and Montessori Program Leaders, we need your input! MMPI’s purpose is to support your ability to include more children with diverse needs, sowe depend on you to let us know what you need to support your teachers and other staff in meeting the challenges of inclusion. The MMPI Montessori School/Program Leaders Forum is where you can talk directly to the worldwide Montessori Inclusion Community.

How can we help your school/program? Your input will help us target our advocacy efforts to assist you in getting the resources you need. We can advocate for funding sources to support your important work and we can work to promote the attitudinal and institutional changes that need to be made in order to support optimal development of these at-risk children and more inclusive Montessori education.

Please use these conversation starters or just start typing….we are waiting to hear from you!
• I have children in my school who need more _______________________.
• I need more information about the needs of children who _________________.
• How do we integrate the services of medical professionals serving children in my school?
• How can I best support my Montessori teachers in meeting the needs of their students with challenges?
• How do we pay for the additional resources required to meet the needs of some of the children in our community (extra people, materials, spaces)?
• Inclusion rocks! Share your success stories (please change names to protect privacy).

Please sign in to our Program Leaders Forum and introduce yourself—our members would like to meet you, find out where you located, what is your administrative or leadership role, and maybe share some ideas you have about Montessori for inclusion and special education.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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