Foundations of Montessori Inclusion

This is our "Turkish Scarf" graduation photo of the 2019 Foundations of Montessori Inclusion class at Penfield Montessori Academy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

"When these children from the streets and from the asylum entered my school they were greeted with hearty manifestations of welcome and with genuine cordiality.  For the first time, they were made to feel that they were wanted and desired.  There was not the slightest suggestion of suppression or of strict vigilance.  As soon as they came to the institute they selected from among the various occupations whatever they liked best.   My first aim was to fill the school with interesting and attractive features.  Little novel occupations were everywhere available.  I was like a Turk in a bazaar.  Upon the arrival of a customer for whom he has anxiously awaited, he showers him with compliments and with courtesy, sings the praises of his wares, and abides the opportune moment when the customer shall become interested in some particular article."[The California Lectures of Maria Montessori, 1915: Collected Speeches and Writings, Maria Montessori, edited by Robert G. Buckenmeyer, Montessori-Pierson Publishing Co., p. 264]

Prof. h.c. Dipl.Pad. Joachim Dattke

Prof. Joachim Dattke is the Course Director of Foundations of Montessori Inclusion. Prof. Dattke has 45 years of professional experience and is highly regarded internationally as a leading force in the expansion of inclusive Montessori education across Europe, Asia and other continents. Dattke joined the Theodor Hellbrüegge Foundation in 1995, where he teaches in Munich and leads courses abroad under Hellbrüegge’s International Academy for Developmental Rehabilitation and Pediatric Training. Prof. Dattke holds AMI Diplomas at the Casa level (ages 3-6), from Munich, and at the Elementary level (ages 6-12) from WMI (Washington, DC). He has led courses in Inclusive Montessori Education and Montessori Special Needs Education in Munich, India, Indonesia, Croatia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Hungary, Lithuania, Belarus, Slovakia, Russia, China and at universities in South Korea, Japan and Bolivia.

Kurt Vock, M.D.

Dr. Kurt Vock is a pediatrician with a prominent career at the Kinderzentrum Munich (worldrenowned Children’s Clinic founded by Prof. Dr. Hellbrüegge). At the Kinderzentrum Munich, Dr. Vock practiced as a Developmental Pediatrician and for 2 decades he was Head of the Social Pediatrics Department. Today, this Social Pediatrics Department is the largest specialized diagnostics and therapy outpatient child clinic in Germany. In 2008- 2009, Dr. Vock served as Medical Director of the Kinderzentrum Munich. He continues to serve the Hellbrüegge Foundation as a regular lecturer on Social Pediatrics in the Hellbrüegge Montessori Training Courses and a variety of other advanced pediatric training courses for educators and medical professionals. We are honored to welcome him to Penfield Montessori Academy in Milwaukee!

Mrs. Tatiana Dattke 

Mrs. Dattke joins her husband, Joachim Dattke, as a Montessori Inclusion Trainer for the first week of the Course. Tatiana Dattke holds AMI diplomas at the Casa level (ages 3-6) at the Elementary Level (ages 6-12), as well as Montessori Special Needs Education. Mrs. Dattke has been a Montessori Teacher for 30 years, and still teaches in an inclusive Montessori Kindergarten in Munich. Her studies of Montessori principles and applications in both Russia and Germany inspired her to work on behalf of the Theodor Hellbrügge Foundation. With this work, another Montessori love story began and she married Joachim. As they raise a family, they still travel together sharing the Inclusive Montessori vision of Prof. Dr. Hellbrüegge and teaching Montessori Pedagogy and Montessori Special Needs Education courses across Europe, Asia, South America and, now, Milwaukee!

Mária Kozelková, PhD.

Maria Kozelkova brings expertise from the medical community, Montessori education, and in the new frontier which combines these two fields to benefit children and youth with disabilities and mental health disorders. Ms. Kozelkova’s medical background includes a Master’s Degree in Psychology and a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology from the University of Trnava, Slovakia, and many years practice as a Clinical Psychologist and Montessori Therapist at the Faculty Hospital Trnava, Children’s Rehabilitation Sanatorium in Trnava, Slovakia. Additionally, Ms. Kozelkova holds an AMI Montessori Diploma and Montessori Therapy training from the Hellbrüegge International Academy of Developmental Rehabilitation in Munich. She is also an Asst. Professor at the University of Trnava and teaches courses in Psychodiagnostics of Children and Adolescents, Mental Disorders of Children and Youth, Biological Psychology, Montessori Therapy and The Montessori Method in Psychology. Ms. Kozelkova is an insightful, charming and expert Trainer for the Hellbrüegge Foundation, with experience giving lectures and courses in Slovakia, Poland, Latvia and the Czech Republic.

Special Guest Presenter 

Inga Sieminski

Inga Sieminksi will engage Course participants daily in Multi-sensory Music experiences as a basis for understanding the importance of music in the development of all children, and with particular focus on children with developmental or learning challenges.  Participants will enjoy learning techniques of Orff Schulwerk Elemental Music and its organic sequencing of music-making which emerges from rhythmic speech, movement, play, and singing--all in support of sensitive periods and social development for all children.  

Ms Sieminski is an international expert in the integration of Orff-Schulwerk Elemental Music into Montessori education.  To make this combined Montessori-Orff Music curriculum accessible to all Montessori teachers, Inga has recently completed a lesson manual to accompany her international workshop offerings.  

Inga’s Montessori journey began in 1985 when her young son was enrolled in a Montessori school in Alexandria, VA.  She was inspired to study Montessori education and completed Montessori trainings at the Primary and Elementary levels.  She established a land-based primary Montessori program on her family farm in Maryland and then continued as an elementary guide and Director of Education in the Washington DC area.  In her role as Arts Integration Coordinator of the DC Public Schools, Inga has trained and side-coached teachers in multi-sensory learning strategies and adaptive lesson planning.  Holding the 3-level Certification in Orff-Schulwerk: Music for Children, she has implemented this fun-filled approach in all her primary and elementary Montessori classrooms.

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