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Be Part of this Dynamic Global Partnership to Advance Inclusion

When you join MMPI, you join a community of forward -thinking, innovative, and dedicated Montessori Teachers, Medical Practitioners, Individuals/Families/Advocates, and School Leaders working together to find ways to support developmental inclusion across the globe.

Members also get full access to featured schools, forums, articles and a variety of valuable resources related to Montessori-based inclusion.

Montessori Inclusion Showcase

Montessori schools, clinics or programs utilizing innovative Montessori-based special education methods or demonstrating excellence in inclusive Montessori education will be highlighted.

"Making It Work" Forums

A place for members to share real-life successes and challenges, collaborate with others practicing Montessori inclusion by asking questions or answering questions posted by other members.

Background Knowledge

Important articles of historical or contemporary relevance to Montessori inclusion will be presented and reviewed.

Directory of Innovation

A searchable directory of innovative medically-enhanced Montessori practice at schools, clinics, and programs across the globe.

Shared by Members

Read articles, watch videos, and access a variety of resources submitted by MMPI community members related to developing and improving inclusion practice.

Collaboration Directory--coming soon!

Find colleagues near you through the searchable directory of MMPI members, schools and medical practitioners.

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