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I am so glad you are here, and I hope you will join with us on our quest to expand inclusion in Montessori schools around the world!  My name is Catherine Nehring Massie and I have been advocating for children who are facing challenges for over 20 years.  As a Montessori teacher and Montessori school director, I have faced the limitations of our current educational system where the medical and therapeutic needs of a child are generally disconnected from what we consider “education”.  My training and experience in Special Education and therapeutic teaching methods, like the Orton-Gillingham Method, has convinced me that the most effective aid to development for many children is a combined medical-educational approach.  

Dr. Maria Montessori wrote in 1915 (San Francisco Call and Post) that she attended the 1898 pedagogic congress in Turino as a consequence of her observation: “Between physicians and teachers, at that time, there was an absolute separation; they never met in their social and scientific work.” [Montessori, Maria, The California Lectures of Maria Montessori: Collected Speeches and Writings, 1915, The Clio Montessori Series, p.260.]  Her astute observation made in the late 1800’s remains effectively unchanged in the 2000’s: children today are either treated medically or taught using educational methods developed for typical children, they are not approached holistically—with a few remarkable exceptions that we will be showcasing on this website! 

I have partnered with my colleague, Barbara Luborsky, OTRL, to provide you with resources to help you optimally meet the developmental needs of children with diverse abilities in your classroom.  Montessori teachers and medical professionals can partner in supporting the success of children facing many types of challenges in their young lives to achieve Dr. Montessori’s immense vision for a regeneration of mankind:

 “This is the field, therefore, in which the culture of the human race can really and practically be undertaken; and a joint labour of physician and teacher will sow the seed of a future hygiene, adapted to achieve perfection in man, both as a species and as a social unit.” 

[Montessori, Maria, Pedagogical Anthropology, 1913, p. 37]

This is the work of the Montessori Medical Partnership for Inclusion—join us NOW!

Montessori inclusion-capacity building begins NOW

We are opening with a selection of resources for you to enjoy and which, we believe, will be of  use to you in your work with children who have learning differences.  Our vision for this inclusion website, however, is that Montessori educators and medical providers across the globe will contribute many insights, successful practices, and a wealth of resources to support your important work.  We are a growing resource center at this time.

Begin exploring our site NOW and here is what you will find:

  • Grand Opening Showcase Feature:  Visit our Inclusion Program Showcase to find perhaps the earliest scientific study of Montessori education for children with disabilities.
  • Resources of interest and relevance to your work:  Find current articles and research in Hot Topics, introduce yourself to the Montessori and medical communities through our Inclusion Forums, and read a variety of Articles about Montessori-based Special Education practices.  More resources will be added each month.
  • Find out how you can get involved NOW in advocacy, capacity-building, and supporting Montessori programs that are including more diverse populations of children.

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This Montessori inclusion community resource center will be available to promote and enhance inclusion worldwide.  In order to support this important community service, we will need to charge a small membership fee to cover the cost of building and maintaining this website.  Join NOW and you can participate for FREE until January 2019, when individual memberships will cost $20.00/year.  Of course, if you are really passionate about building the practice of Montessori inclusion to benefit children with special needs around the world, you are WELCOME to contribute more to support MMPI—money, resources, photos and videos, and more.  Thank you! Click here to JOIN.  Click here to DONATE.

 Enjoy your visit, and be sure to come back monthly to the Montessori Teacher Portal to see what else we have posted for you!

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• Professional development on specific disability types

• Collaboration with medical specialists—Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Behavior Specialists, Trauma Therapists, etc.

• Specialized instructional materials and supports

• Visual communication systems

• Partnering with Parents and Families

• Other?

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